One4All is a global, private, vetted community for

  • asset managers

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  • investors

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  • startup founders

  • executives of stock-listed companies

Also, as our name implies, we welcome all those who share our interest in this community be it universities, government agencies, sovereign wealth funds, supranational organizations or others who may be a great added value to the community or who suffer from neglect.

Every One4All Club applicant is interviewed, vetted, and researched before they’re invited.

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Our #1 priority is ensuring the quality and integrity of our community.

We accept fewer than 10% of applicants on average for all member groups and plans (based on the 2022-2023 early bird test)

As a One4All Club member, you receive all of the following four benefits, plus you’ll continue to enjoy new opportunities and perks as we add members and member benefits over time.


Finding Answers

You will receive answers to all your questions in the form of a direct mini-consultancy, article, Q&A or other event, or FAQs that we will be accumulating.

Our articles and other sources of information will serve as an objective analytical hub that shows the things as they are in the realms of countries, sectors, companies and more. Because we have our names to the group, we simply can’t afford to be bought. If we write about a topic, rest assured that it is objective. Also, if we give you a spotlight it is only because you deserve it. But it’s not only us, also the VIP asset managers, companies, investors and others who co-created our research with us.



Be it digitally or in-person, you will meet new people that could take you to the next level or simply make your life easier and brighter. We’ve been told by various test members that we create a super inspiring, creative, educational and supportive environment. Also, we see that we attract great minds, souls and talents from all over the globe. Be part of this thriving community. Brainstorm your business or investment ideas with us and with great community members.

As a club member you also get special perks, like discounts for services and products, as well as access to several closed doors or deals.


Family offices


Angel investors


Sovereign wealth funds



Primarily you will learn valuable lessons that are applicable to your day to day now, or that will be applicable in the future. We have a principle that we try to follow every time in business, investing and life which is learning by doing. A solid theory basis is one thing, but the proof of the pudding is in the eating.

We think it’s important to learn from the best. By leveraging one of the best minds of the world, you will get access to knowledge and experiences from top universities, practitioners, experts, and professionals in your industry and the field of your interest.

If there’s someone you want to learn from or hear from, chances are we can make it happen



Right connections can make all the difference. Our club members get the opportunity to have exposure to the right people at the right time.

We will introduce you to people who would catapult you to new heights or could be a nice partner or will be a great fit for a mutual project. You name it. Rest assured that we will let you leverage our vast network of professionals, companies, investors and whomever you need to achieve your goals faster and better.

This is harder than it looks. The bigger right guys don’t want to be found. They want to find you. With us and via us, they look to find great companies like yours. Trying to sell yourself is often a waste of time, because all firms good and bad try to convince big investors and asset managers that they are the best!


The place where you receive most of the benefits is One4All Platform, but also via physical events, email communications and private chats.

Every part of the prime membership benefits include Events. We will be having plenty of them with different guests and participants. Mostly online, but also in person. So there will be a lot of interaction and networking opportunities for all. We are coming to your town soon.

For whom is the club?

The idea is that it would be

  • for everyone in the investment and business-related space
  • for those who feel overlooked or neglected in one way or the other
  • for high level government officials in countries that are right to believe that they don’t get their fair share of the action, like for instance those in Emerging and Frontier Markets countries.

We understand that not everyone stands at the same level in terms of development and goals. Therefore we have membership plans. Think of them as floors in a hotel. At the club’s lobby, we give you the option to choose which floor you would like to have. Only that the two highest floors are subject to strict approval since we want to keep the club neat & pure.

So, if you think you’re a fit and we could help, welcome to apply to join the One4All Club.

Requirements to get in the One4All Club

Due to the nature of our community, we may make some exceptions, at our discretion, depending on each candidate's personal circumstance and/or position like for government officials or universities etc, although always applying our standard strict rules and KYC.


  • High-potential or high-growth startup.
  • Location and industry is not important.
  • After first screening and interviewing, we do the pre-due diligence and estimation of your startup valuation based on our Markowitz-van Dijk methodology.


  • (U)HNWIs/Investors - minimum $10M available for investing.
  • Asset Managers - passing our Asset Management Ranking System.
  • Stock-listed companies - being in our indices or Company of the Month Awards nominations.

What if I don’t meet the requirements above, but want to learn?

For those who would like to learn about markets, get into the community of big players and learn from them closer we created a Basic plan available to anyone, in order to democratize the access to financial markets information.

Having a mission to fight financial neglect, we could not afford to neglect the people who would not meet the requirements to join our club.


Club membership plans



Some questions answered

What is One4All Club?

One4All Club is a global, private, vetted community for investors, asset managers, executives of stock-listed companies and startup founders. Also, as our name implies, we welcome all those who share our interest in this community be it universities, government agencies, sovereign wealth funds, supranational organizations.

The main place where members receive their club membership benefits is this online platform. On the platform, everyone gets insights about investing, markets, countries, sectors, finance and more, can search non-listed companies (startups), stock-listed companies and asset managers, have access to unique events like market updates and startup pitches & more.

We are like a translator and a bridge to the world of big finance for overlooked players of the business and finance world, be it individuals, companies or even countries. We serve as a facilitator of communication, deals and other useful things for members, among other things.

How do I get into the club?

We are currently building the platform and created these pages to get you informed about what will be available for you if you decide to join the club. Right now you can submit a request to get in the club early or apply for the Premium or VIP club membership plans. When you do both you will be put on the waiting list and be given a special free account that will let you access some closed content. As club membership for Premium and VIP plans goes beyond the platform, you will start receiving main benefits right after your application is approved.

What if I don’t meet the requirements to be a Premium or VIP member?

For us, investing is a basis, therefore we created the Basic plan devoted to providing financial and investing information to all. You can think of it as a watch-only plan where you still can get answers to your questions, although in a more generalized fashion - via Q&A events, FAQs, our well-trained chatbot and articles.

Why can’t I buy a Basic plan now?

While we made Basic plan available to anyone, in order to democratize the access to financial markets information, we are not completely ready to sell it just yet, since we are still finishing the development of the platform and its core features, including some of the content. However, we encourage you to pre-register now to get the early-bird status and all the nice perks that come with it, including the early-bird price.

What happens after I pre-register?

You will be put on a special early-bird waitlist and a Free account will be created for you. When logged in, you will be able to read and comment on closed non-member articles and for a limited time have access to some events and member-only articles. As the Basic plans are available for everyone, you will be able to buy your Basic club membership with the special discount for a limited time (until the launch). The sooner the launch the smaller the discount will be.

Can I join for Free and upgrade my membership plan later?

When pre-registering or submitting an application to join the club you will join the platform for free. You can upgrade your plan to Basic later without any problems, and to Premium or VIP conditional on passing the vetting process. You can keep your free account, if you decide not to purchase any plans.

Also, for those smaller investors or people from poorer countries we have an option for working for their membership plan via which people can apply for a Basic plan with a nice article or other type of research/content. When we approve and select them, they earn themselves a free Basic membership. This is subject to approval and is limited to early-birds only.

What happens when I apply for Premium or VIP membership?

We will review your application and will get back to you within a week. Meanwhile you will get a Free account. If you like you are always welcome to purchase the Basic club membership plan. If you get approved to the club on the Premium or VIP membership, we will upgrade your status.

Who is in the community?

Obviously we are just starting and don’t have reliable statistics just yet, but we can give you a general overview. One4All gathers around world’s top asset managers, like Dimensional, Riyad Capital and also talented but lesser known ones (which is one of our goals - to give the spotlight to the underrepresented talents in all sectors), worldwide micro to large stock-listed companies, HNWIs and UHNWIs from different countries and startup founders from different stages. Also you can expect to see advisors, academics, industry experts, government officials or agencies, universities, sovereign wealth funds, supranational organizations and others.

How will I make use of such a broad community?

Obviously there will be people and organizations that are not that relevant for you, one way or the other. However, we are working towards creating a smart matching system to make sure that everyone finds their perfect match and hangs out in the peer group with the same interests. And not just peer groups, we want to make it easy to contact those members who want to be contacted and that can be really of help. We can’t wait for the platform launch and more people to join the community for this to happen, as we believe this technology in combination with our network will benefit the industry tremendously.

Have questions?

Feel free to reach us out