What is One4All Club

A place where you can learn about SME investing, funding and entrepreneurship.

But also an analytical hub for equity investors who are not afraid of global neglect themes.

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One4All Club is a portal and community for and by entrepreneurs and investors.

Our aim is to be a Gateway for smaller companies, those from emerging and frontier markets countries, minority- and female-led enterprises and others who feel neglected.

We like to dig deep
and go to the source

Professionals in any search go to the source. That is how we are getting information. Information that is extremely hard to find online or in person for the majority of people.

The equity market segments that we cover: stock-listed small-caps and unlisted startups & scale-ups do not get structured attention elsewhere, as opposed to listed large caps and more established private equity.

On our portal, we present information about ‘neglected stars’ and much more in a structured and filtrable manner.


Erik L. van Dijk

Co-Founder. Investor, Entrepreneur, Mentor

As a Finance Academic Erik undertook Neglect Studies 3 decades ago. As entrepreneur and investor he saw that the phenomenon didn't disappear.


Vladyslav Nyshcheta


As a Ukrainian, Vlad understands what Neglect means and what it does to entrepreneurs, investors and asset managers in developing countries.

Our Philosophy and Principles

We are social entrepreneurs who believe that making markets more efficient serves a good cause.

SMEs, neglected companies, and investors who dare to support them are key economic engines in any country. We hope that our club helps make the world a better place.

Top 4 virtues that we aim to cultivate in ourselves and in our community

Ability to think outside of the box

We want to contribute to market efficiency by:

Connecting investors, SMEs and other neglected entrepreneurs

Stimulating and Curating Deals

Positioning of the SME segment within Portfolios

Growing our Club and its Impact

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What Makes One4All Club Different?


Focus On Neglect

Neglect is not just about financial market efficiency and security prices that are in line with underlying values.

It is also about making the world a fairer and more inclusive place. One that offers similar opportunities, regardless of your background, race or belief.



Our group of family offices, angels and investment pros uses structured due diligence and valuation methods for the selection of neglected investment opportunities.

We believe that fighting neglect is also about sharing this information, and telling you when we found great co-investment opportunities.



Developing countries suffer more neglect. Pointing to great local entrepreneurs and investment opportunities translates into deal flow from abroad that can make an impact.



As with any club, we also want to create a community of like-minded people who come together to be friends, exchange ideas, brainstorm and expand their global network.



The world is filled with fake investors. They aim to lure REAL ones into bad deals and make money as intermediary.

Result: higher costs and REAL investors who went into hiding. Via our curated insider network we will bring the REAL investors back.



Entrepreneurship & Investing are about learning by doing. A solid basis is one thing, but the proof of the pudding is in the eating.

With SMEs and neglect cases getting less attention, our focus on them provides entrepreneurs and investors with valuable knowledge they need.

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